Sites closed during COVID-19?

Focus your attention on baseload analysis to save money now AND later. Baseload analysis is really important for ensuring your energy bills remain as low as possible while your sites are unoccupied and for identifying future saving opportunities.

Our webinar will show you how to identify the cost savings of your above baseload energy waste.

How do you monitor baseload?

Sign into Stark ID and start by running a dynamic Timeline Report for a period where your office has been closed.

Note down your average half hourly consumption and compare this to previous periods of unoccupied consumption such as weekends or night time.

Is your average as low as it can go?

Our webinar will show you which reports to run in Stark ID to calculate and monitor your baseload, for single sites and for multiple sites.

Action your analysis

How low can you go?

Ensure consumption is as low as it ever has been and compare to other unoccupied periods.

Identify high consuming sites

Determine where you might invest in sub-metering and when your sites re-open.

Beat the bill

Get ahead on your next invoice by monitoring consumption and spotting any abnormal consumption now.

Next steps

Watch a baseload webinar with our trainer Dom to realise the potential of your baseload analysis.

  • Available now - register to watch our Stark ID webinar.