A selection of reports from our vast library

Compare Consumption

Comparison - Day v Previous Weeks - Electricity

Compare against previous periods to understand how consumption has changed.

Understand your Costs

Cost Profile - Day by Interval - Electricity

Use cost reporting to manage, monitor and control complex charges.

Alert to Waste

Exception - Day by Interval - Occupancy - Unoccupied - Electricity

Avoid waste by enabling alerts when consumption exceeds set targets.

View your Generation

Photovoltaic - Month by Interval - Electricity

Report on generation data from Photovoltaics, wind turbines and other renewable sources.

Report on Consumption

Profile - Week by Interval - Occupancy KPI

Get transparency of your energy consumption and identify opportunities for making savings.

Analysis Made Easy

Regression - Year by Week - Gas and Heating Degree Days

Analyse  energy consumption against factors such as temperature, floor area and population.

Review your Supply Capacity

Supply Capaity - Year

Quickly check whether your sites have the correct available supply capacity set.

Track Multiple Utilities

Profile - Year by Month - Multi-Utility EGW

View the performance of multiple utilities over time on a single report.

Access Universal Datasets

Profile - Day by Interval - Occupancy with Temperature

Tailor your reporting with area-specific datasets such as temperature and solar irradiance.

Monitor Triad Performance

Actual Triads Day Profiles

Access tools for monitoring and managing demand during Triad periods.

Identify Worst Performers

League Table - Month - General - Worst 20

Rank sites by total consumption or normalised figures to identify best and worst performers.