Graphical reports that visualise your data in all sorts of clever ways.

Data export

Export as much data as you like and play with it however you like.

Quick start

A tutorial for new users that means you can get saving straightaway.


Tariff info

Load your tariff information to unlock 30 minute cost data.

Cost profiles

Profiles reveal the most expensive times of day and allow you to understand the breakdown of your total costs.

Every non-commodity charge

Target individual charges like Supply Capacity, DUoS and TNUoS with data specific to your location.

Universal data sets


Our temperature data is quality and detailed to your specific location.

Daylight & solar irradiance

Shed light on your consumption or PV generation with our location-specific sunrise, sunset and irradiance data.

Reporting sets

Default groups of your sites or meters that allow you to run reports on your whole company.


Occupancy, floor area and population

Input your building information to add another level of insight to your energy data.


Set targets for your sites that allow you to alert to things like maximum demand, total consumption or % change.

Custom sets

Create your own groups of sites or meters so you can compare sites on your own terms - try grouping by a regional manager or by the type of site.