We provide hassle free, high quality energy data for utilities, from electricity to gas, from water to compressed air and everything in between.

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Data you can trust

Deliver at scale

We process 18% of the UK's electricity consumption every day and 25% of the half hourly market.


We're Supplier independent so no matter who supplies your energy, if you move or switch, we'll provide uninterrupted data with no hidden charges.


We operate to the highest data security standards reflected in our ISO27001 qualification.

Fully Accredited

We are an Elexon accredited Data Collector and Aggregator for the Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly markets. We are also an Ofgem registered gas meter reader under ESTA’s ASPCoP guidelines.


#1 for Data Quality

We regularly rank number one in Supplier surveys and consistently deliver complete consumption data for more than 529m data points every month.

Ambassador Theatre Group – Acting on Energy Data to Great Applause

Any meter, any utility, anywhere

No matter what your energy needs or the state of your metering, we can solve your data challenges. We collect data from all standard devices and always aim to do it without costly install and upgrade programmes.

From data to insight

Our data customers get access to our powerful analytics, absolutely free. So you can enjoy all your energy data in one place, and industry leading analytics at the touch of a button.