#1 for Data Quality

We regularly rank number one in Supplier surveys and consistently deliver 99% complete data within 24 hours of consumption for more than 400M data points every month.

Electricity data comes in many forms

As a minimum standard, we measure electricity in 30 minute intervals and collect daily so you can analyse your data and link it back to recent activity. Our electricity data services can be grouped into 3 types.

Data Collection and Aggregation

We are an Elexon accredited HH DC/DA and NHH DC/DA. We collect 30 minute data for you and deliver data to your Supplier.


We also collect electricity data for generation sites and offer specific reports to track your efficiency.

Near Real Time

Our Near Real Time service delivers data to you every half an hour or even more frequently.

What are HH and NHH?

Read our 'what is' article on the differences between Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly metering services and data collection.


Get even more detail on your electricity consumption with our sub-metering solution. Find out more about metering specific tenants, processes and buildings.

Why choose Stark?

Best in class data

Save time, money and worry with our hassle-free, high-quality energy data.

Superior energy analytics

Unlock the full potential of your half hourly electricity data.

Highest data security

Our high standards are reflected in our ISO27001 qualification.

Simple commercial options

You can directly contract with us or just ask your Supplier to nominate us and we will do the rest.

Uninterrupted data

We're independent so we provide uninterrupted data even if you switch Supplier.

Ready when you are

We work every day of the year to deliver complete data by the time you arrive at work each day.

Analyse your electricity consumption and your half-hourly charges

Track and minimise your unoccupied baseload

This site has the same level of demand during the early hours of the morning as when the site is open and occupied during the day.

Target energy peaks...

This site shows three individual peaks in demand – knowing what equipment or processes cause these is important.

...especially at high cost times

There are higher charges at certain times of day caused by higher distribution costs and your specific energy rates.

Review other charges like Supply Capacity

We can help you target other specific costs like Supply Capacity – particularly important with new higher charges for exceeding your capacity.

Sub-metering shows more detail

Use our reporting to breakdown consumption into manageable chunks and compare the impact of different areas or equipment.

Talk to us today about your electricity data


Get even more detailed data with sub-metering. Measure specific tenants, processes and buildings to make identifying savings easy.

Got gas?

The easiest utility to find savings and the most widely wasted, add gas data to Stark's superior energy analytics platform.