Why choose Stark?

High quality data

You can see exactly what you use with 30 minute data on a daily basis.

No more manual reads

We can deliver data to your Supplier so you can save the hassle of taking manual reads and prevent estimated bills.


We operate to the highest data security standards reflected in our ISO 27001 qualification.

Visualise your data and detect leaks

Unfortunately a water leak occurred

We can see exactly when the water leak started in the early morning.

Water use for a typical building

There is very low water use during times when the building is empty.

Leak alerts are vital

Water is wasted daily until a large bill appears unless you have AMR.

Superior energy analytics

Alert to leaks

Set up alarms to trigger when your water use is high and identify out of hours use.

Monitor your progress

Rank your sites to identify the least efficient and track your projects to see how much you are saving.

Report on costs

Add your cost tariff to convert your units to currency for easy engagement.

Our water technology

Learn more about the hardware we use to measure your water use

Talk to us today about your water data

Multi-utility and scalable

With our powerful analytics platform, Stark ID you can see your all your utility data simultaneously for an unlimited number of sites, meters and supplies.

Hassle-free high quality data

We are consistently recognised as an industry leading, independent provider of high quality data. Saving you lots of time, money and worry when accessing your energy data.