What is a Meter Asset Manager?

Meter Asset Managers (MAM) are responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, removal and disposal of gas supply meters.

Secure a better solution for you

Added AMR

We offer best in class AMR with our Gas MAM so you can see your data on a regular day+1 basis.

Superior energy analytics

Compare gas use over time, against temperature or with your other utilities to identify savings.

Data continuity

Uninterrupted access to your gas consumption data even when you change Supplier.

Transparent costs

We try to offer more clarity and you could see a significant reduction on your bill.

Gas only contracts

Separate your Gas MAM services from your gas procurement to obtain full transparency and control of your costs.

Highest quality data

We provide 30 minute consumption data with the best data collection around.

Pioneering market reform

In line with Ofgem’s view of the future, we favour meter adoption and interoperability rather than cost inefficient replacements.

Are you a Supplier?

We are an experienced AMR Service Provider with a complete Advanced Metering solution. Learn how we can help you meet the challenges of Project Nexus.

Take control of your gas data

You have the right to choose your MAM, in the same way you would a MOP or DCDA in electricity. Many consumers are unaware of this right or are unsure how to exercise it.

What to do now?

Get in touch and learn how to appoint us as your Gas MAM.

Multi-utility and scalable

With our powerful analytics platform you can see your all your utility data simultaneously for an unlimited number of sites, meters and supplies.

Hassle-free high quality data

Using us as your accredited delivery partner you can be confident the data you receive will be the highest quality, most accurate and consistent historical data.