What is sub-metering?

By installing a sub-meter or data logger downstream from the utility meter, you can measure the consumption, impact and efficiency of specific equipment, processes or individual tenants for billing purposes.

What we offer?

We offer a full end to end solution from surveys and installations to data collection and energy analytics.

Electricity sub-meter installations

Gas, water and electricity logger installations

Lease & purchase options

Ongoing support

In-house data platform

In-house engineers

Why would I need sub-metering?

An industrial site, for example, may use sub-metering to understand how much energy each process uses and at what time. Whereas a landlord may sub-meter each individual tenant space so that they can bill accurately for energy use.

Put an end to manual reads

Even if you already have sub-metering you may still be manually reading your meters which can incur additional costs.

Our solution can enable you to have your data read automatically every half hour and give you actionable insight on your meter data via our analytics platform.

Poor visibility of your data?

Using our powerful cloud-based analytics platform, you can gain deep insight quickly. Run easy to use reports on all your energy costs and usage at the touch of a button.

No time or resource?

Our team of data geeks provide a managed service to help you take control of your data, saving you time and money. From invoice validation, compliance challenges or big data analysis - we can help.