What is sub-metering?

By installing a sub-meter or data logger ‘downstream’ from your main utility meter, you can measure the consumption, impact, and efficiency of specific equipment, processes, or individual tenants for billing purposes.

From survey and install...

Nationwide installation team

Our engineers are available across the UK.

Hardware solutions

We find the most cost-effective hardware solutions for you.

Flexible payment options

Lease or purchase payment options are available to you, so that you can access the benefits of sub-metering right away.

...to data and analytics

High quality data

We deliver 99% data completeness for more than 400 million data points every month within 24 hours of consumption.

From data to insight fast

Our analytics platform visualises 30-minute energy data for any utility.

And that’s not all

We offer a range of other resources to support your energy projects success; everything from employee cultural change to tenant billing.

Save the guesswork with sub-meter data

Our sub-metering solution saves you time, money, and guesswork by enabling you to pinpoint where energy is being wasted. In this video, our TPI Relationship Manager, Helen Armstrong talks through some of the ways in which sub-metering can unlock the potential of your energy data and help you meet your net-zero goals.

Why do you need sub-metering?

Identify waste

Obtain more detail from your energy profile so that you can easily identify energy savings or poor energy management on site.

Improve process efficiency

You can use sub-metering to understand how much energy a process at your site uses, and at what time.

Accurate billing

Sub-metering for individual tenant spaces with MID-approved meters, will enable you to bill them accurately for their energy use.

Log your gas and water

If you have existing gas or water sub-meters at site, we can provide the data online alongside your electricity consumption.

Save time and effort

Stark can send your energy data to your supplier, preventing estimated bills and saving you the potential inconvenience of collecting manual meter readings.

Behaviour change

Use energy saving rankings to encourage competition among your tenants to reduce consumption.

Find out how tenant metering can help you

If you would like to find out how tenant metering can help you, we’ve created this helpful animation.

Poor visibility of your data?

Using our powerful cloud-based analytics platform, you can gain deeper insights into your energy data. Run easy to use reports on all your energy costs and usage at the touch of a button.

Multi-utility and scalable

With our powerful analytics platform, Stark ID you can see your all your utility data simultaneously for an unlimited number of sites, meters and supplies.