Application form

If you require a meter operator agreement, please download the application form and send it into our Commercial team who will deal with your request.

Click here to download an application form.

Why do I need half hourly metering?

If you require further information about the requirement to have half hourly metering please click here for more information.

How to read your meter

WPD’s smart meters are read automatically each night but the readings can be checked manually at any time.

Use the slider to find your meter type and click “read more” to show the reading instructions.

Elster A1700 Vision Standard meter for HH sites

Iskraemeco ME372 Single phase smart meter for NHH sites

Iskraemeco MT375 Three phase smart meter for NHH and HH sites

EDMI MK7C Single Phase Electricity V1.0

EDMI MK10A Three Phase Electricity V1.0

Elster A1140 Three Phase Meter

Elster AS230 Single Phase Meter

EDMI MK7B Single Phase Electricity Meter


L&G SMETS 2 E470 meter

Honeywell SMETS 2 AS302P meter

EMLITE Single Phase meter

EMLITE Three Phase meter