Gas infrastructure solution for Gatwick Airport’s Boeing hangar project

Timely and efficient gas supply for a successful airport expansion.

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Stark Works, renowned for fostering strong relationships with some of the country’s largest and most respected organisations, proudly counts Gatwick Airport among its esteemed clients. With a reputation for delivering top-quality services, Stark Works was chosen by Gatwick Airport Ltd in early 2018 to serve as the trusted gas infrastructure provider to supply gas to the Boeing Hangar project.

The brief

Recognising Stark Works’ exceptional capabilities, Gatwick Airport Ltd entrusted them with the crucial task of supplying gas to the Boeing Hangar. The project involved connecting a 180mm main to a 250mm medium-pressure main, installing a pressure reduction station, laying 90m of low-pressure service, and incorporating a 23m rotary meter.

Andrew BedfordProject Manager, Stark Works

We’re thrilled to have been chosen to work on this ambitious project, and to build on our experience in delivering timely & efficient gas supplies across the UK.

On time and within budget

The project was divided into two stages:

  1. Installing the medium-pressure main; and
  2. Connecting the low-pressure service to the hangar.

To begin, we prioritised excavating and installing utilities across the parking compound. This phase had a strict timeline. Despite challenges, largely due to the inclement British weather, the project was completed by the deadline and before the crucial busy summer season began

Multiple stakeholders managed



of new pipework installed

Passed Lloyds of London’s audit

Overcoming delays with success

The team adapted techniques and isolated live sections when faced with excavation delays to keep the project moving forward. After completing the audit, retesting, and removing isolation, we commissioned 1100m of pipework to the PRS inlet.

The low-pressure main reached the hangar, and we positioned the meter. We commissioned the PRS, low-pressure service, and 23m rotary positive displacement with the supply contract in place.

Seamless pipework installation

The team strategically delivered and fused pipework to form pipe strings. These were then pulled into the trench, joined together & thoroughly tested. This resulted in the successful installation of all 1100m of pipe. Culminating in us successfully passing the Lloyds of London audit.

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