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When it came to selecting a gas installer to work on The Pinnacle – a proposed 945ft tower block in the heart of the financial district, Stark Works was the natural choice.

The site has had a complicated journey to fruition, spanning nearly fourteen years, but despite a false start, and several changes to the design and construction teams, Stark Works have remained an integral part of project from start to finish. The completed skyscraper – now named 22 Bishopsgate – was completed in early 2020.

The brief

Having previously worked together on projects including Amazon’s UK headquarters Principal Place, Multiplex teamed up with Stark Works once again to provide the gas infrastructure on the project. The scope of the work included the isolation and diversion of the old gas supplies prior to demolition of the existing buildings on site, and installation of an elevated gas pressure supply – a request by the client to reduce the need for gas pressure boosting.

Senior Project Manager, Stark Works

Despite the challenges involved, the Stark Works team went above and beyond to deliver the work efficiently and to the highest standard. We look forward to working on further projects with Multiplex in the future.

Initiation phase

In 2007, Stark Works embarked on the project’s first phase, involving demolition and isolation of 12 gas connections supplying existing structures. These initial tasks laid the groundwork for subsequent stages of the project.

Supply setup

The project’s second stage was dedicated to establishing a robust gas supply for the new skyscraper. Stark Works collaborated closely with the National Grid to assess the requirements and design a solution.

The complexity of the skyscraper’s gas demand necessitated a reinforcement of the National Grid’s network. Through meticulous planning and execution, Stark Works routed a medium-pressure gas main along Bishopsgate, connecting it to a pressure-reducing governor and ultimately supplying low-pressure gas to the building’s basement meter room.

This innovative approach allowed for a gas supply capable of reaching up to 70mbar, exceeding the standard and eliminating the need for internal gas boosters, thereby fulfilling the client’s requirements efficiently.

14 year

project duration due to recession


with Multiplex


The project faced setbacks in 2012 due to the financial crash and subsequent recession. It wasn’t until 2019 that property companies committed to reviving the development, albeit with a revised design and a new name – 22 Bishopsgate. Our previous gas installation design remained applicable, facilitating a smooth transition into the project’s next phase.

Upon resuming work, we encountered the challenge of reactivating existing infrastructure, including a pressure-reducing governor left unused for nine years. However, through extensive refurbishment efforts, we successfully restored the governor to full functionality, saving both time and resources that would have otherwise been required for a new installation.


After thirteen years of dedication and perseverance, Stark Works completed its final tasks on the installation in January 2020. This marked the culmination of a long journey, characterised by resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

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