Efficient gas supply for Banbury Power Station

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Stark Works, a leading gas infrastructure provider, has played a pivotal role in nearly 30 gas-fired projects across the UK, contributing significantly to reducing environmental impact. Among these projects is the Banbury Power Station, situated in the picturesque surroundings of Oxfordshire, which is part of Welsh Power Ltd.’s portfolio of STOR power plants, ensuring electricity supply to approximately 12,000 homes.

The brief

In 2017, Stark Works received a comprehensive mandate from Welsh Power Ltd. to design, construct, and commission an intermediate gas main and primary gas meter for the Banbury Power Station. The scope of work also included the installation of two electricity ducts and a communications cable to facilitate seamless connectivity to the electrical grid.

“Stark Works have a reputation for professionalism, efficiency and expertise and they have exceeded our expectations. We’re looking forward to continuing working with Stark Works in the future.”

Project Manager, Welsh Power Group Ltd.

The project

Directional drilling was chosen as the primary method for the length of the project, as it is less disruptive than traditional ‘open but methods’, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

However, before a single boring hole was made, there commenced extensive preparation as part of the project pre-construction preparations.

The requisite bespoke licences were gained from the respective authorities. Due to the proposed route through Spiceball Park and underneath Oxford Canal, additional checks and surveys were undertaken such as a Bathymetric water survey, Ground Penetrating Radar Survey and Borehole survey.

In addition, 120-year-old maps were overlaid with contemporary aerial images to confirm that the canal bank hadn’t been reshaped, as that might have affected the proposed route.

Finally, deep trial holes were undertaken at pinch points during works to verify suitability before boring.

Over 30

directional drilling bores successfully completed


with multiple contractors for project success

The challenges

Scheduled for completion in one phase, the project involved laying gas pipes, communication ducts, and electricity cables beneath the River Cherwell and Spiceball Park, terminating just before the Oxford Canal.

However, outdated records and inaccurately recorded depths in the canal posed challenges, necessitating precise navigation to avoid disruptions to Banbury.

Additionally, drilling and tunnelling beneath the river and canal were complicated by the bustling narrowboat moorings and the need to maintain structural integrity, requiring meticulous coordination with regulatory bodies.

Despite these challenges, the project was successfully completed on time in November 2018, owing in part to favourable ground conditions, predominantly alluvial clay near the River Cherwell.

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