Gas solution for London Square’s Spitalfields residential project

Empowering stylish apartments with reliable gas supply.

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In 2016, Stark Works were selected as the gas infrastructure provider for a residential project in Spitalfields, in London’s vibrant East End. Once strictly working-class, the eastern fringes of London have experienced an incredible regeneration to transform into an area brimming with start-ups, new businesses and communities keen to find their new home. With its highly sought-after postcodes, the redevelopment of the East End offers exciting opportunities for new projects for Stark Works.

The brief

London Square’s brief revealed plans for a block of one, two and three bedroom residential apartments on the corner straddling Gunthorpe Street and Commercial Street, nestled in the small but bustling district of Spitalfields. Located near the beautifully landscaped Mallon Gardens and the Grade II listed Tonybee Hall, the new apartments required the installation of new gas pipes and low-pressure gas connections.

Utilities Manager, London Square

A big thank you Stark Works. The team are an absolute credit, consistently going above and beyond to ensure the successful – and swift – installation of the development’s gas supply. This professional service is why we will continue to work with Stark Works in the future.

Project overview

Stark Works’ involvement in the project commenced in September 2016 and extended over a span of two years, meticulously divided into three distinct phases to ensure seamless execution.

Phase one

The inaugural phase focused on addressing disconnections, a crucial precursor before the commencement of construction activities.

Stark Works undertook the task of removing existing low-pressure gas pipes that supplied the now-demolished old flats, laying the groundwork for subsequent development phases.

Phase two

Phase two centred on the critical task of diverting and reconnecting the gas service for Tonybee Hall, a Grade II listed building steeped in historical significance.

Stark Works encountered challenges, including the discovery of incorrectly marked gas main locations.

Close coordination was vital to minimise disruptions to Tonybee Hall’s operations while ensuring the seamless installation of new gas infrastructure.


residences seamlessly connected

Worked diligently to ensure works were completed on time and on budget

Phase three

In the final phase, Stark Works undertook the installation of a new gas service tailored to London Square’s modern apartment complex.

This phase involved connecting 63 residences to a new low-pressure polyethylene pipe, meticulously engineered to meet the development’s gas supply requirements.


The successful completion of our involvement in the project, delivered on schedule and within budget constraints, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

London Square and stakeholders alike were delighted with the outcome, reaffirming Stark Works’ reputation as a trusted partner in complex infrastructure projects.

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