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In 2010, Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) engaged Stark to provide a complete service for its schools including meter installation, data collection and access to Stark’s analytics platform, Stark ID. With the right tools in place, CBC’s energy team was able to focus on developing the School Carbon Reduction Action Plan.


CBC’s energy team provides a range of services to schools. These include energy audits and access to Stark’s reporting platform, Stark ID. The team provides support and a structured approach for schools to introduce their own energy programmes. Pupils are given the responsibility to find environmental problems across their schools and to suggest improvements. On the other hand, the school management teams then set about executing those changes that will make the biggest impact and financial savings. At the same time the teaching staff will weave elements of the energy programme into the children’s learning where applicable. For example, through the “Eco School Green Flag” programme.

“Accurate data underpins all successful energy reduction action programmes. If you can measure and monitor energy you can manage it. With reliable, granular data accessible via Stark ID, Central Bedfordshire Schools have the capability to make their own evidence-based decisions about energy usage.”

Pete Hughes, Energy Programmes Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council


Award Winning Caddington Village School

By introducing a range of energy-saving measures, such as determining its core heating hours, Caddington Village School made savings on both its gas and electricity bills. As a result, over the autumn and winter months 2013-14 the school realised a saving of £9,000. By viewing their energy data on Stark ID the school eco team was able to identify the core hours when heating was needed. The savings achieved from switching off heating and lights outside core hours enabled senior management to reinvest in energy efficient equipment, including LED lighting with sensor controls. The school’s dedication and teamwork paid off, resulting in it winning the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award in 2013.

Overall results

The energy efficiency support and engagement programmes provided by CBC’s energy team have resulted in a significant reduction in energy consumption and also financial savings. Since 2010, CO2 emissions from Central Bedfordshire schools estate have reduced by 5,300 tonnes (28%). Notably during 2013/4 alone, emissions reduced by nearly 12% on the previous year cutting combined energy costs across the school’s estate by £250,000.

Client testimonials

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

The more people involved on the ground, engaged and implementing energy best practices the better.

Ian RentonManaging Director of The Jockey Club West Region

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practice, with sites recognised for their efforts, is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

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