Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust have big savings with Stark ID

Discover how Stark ID, our cutting-edge energy analytics platform, has become essential for the Trust in their journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust based in Devon includes three secondary schools and 14 primary schools, which helps 720 staff and just under 5000 children to thrive. With Stark’s high quality energy data collection and analytics, they not only won funding from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme for energy efficiency projects they also saved thousands on their overall energy consumption.


Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, created in 2018, needed a partner to help them improve the visibility of energy consumption across all their sites. Without knowing their energy consumption it was often difficult to put forward proposals to achieve savings and measure success. “Across 17 schools, it is possible to waste thousands per day on energy, so it is important for us to be able to easily monitor what is being used and when.“ said Keith Webber, Energy & Utilities Manager for the Trust.

With a target to reduce their consumption by 20%, Keith and his team wanted to secure funding for energy saving projects, such as solar panels and LED lighting, from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. But without granular access to their energy data, these projects would be much harder to get approved.

Stark were already on site, collecting some of their electricity data, and after talking directly with us, it quickly became clear that the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust could have full visibility of all their consumption data. As a result, they appointed Stark to collect electricity data for their remaining half-hourly (HH) and non-half hourly (NHH) meters.


In addition to having their energy data collected by Stark, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust were also given free access to Stark ID, Stark’s industry leading energy analytics platform.

With all their energy data visible in half hourly increments and available in one place, the team instantly had access to more granular insight into their energy usage than ever before.

“Stark ID enables us to have the facts and figures at our fingertips! Using the graphical reports to look deeper into our consumption patterns at each site allows me to pinpoint where things may be being left on unnecessarily at the end of a school day or over half-term.”

Keith Webber, Energy & Utilities Manager, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust


Using the energy data in Stark ID, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust successfully put forward a bid to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for funding from their Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme to provide grants to help meet their net zero targets. “Without access to the energy consumption data we get from Stark we wouldn’t have been able to make accurate proposals for our bid to the scheme and prove how the use of LED’s and solar panels could benefit the overall energy performance of our sites.” says Keith.

It doesn’t stop there, with all of their electricity consumption data collected and made available in Stark ID, Keith and his team are easily able to highlight savings and issues with their building control systems which could waste thousands of pounds if left unchecked.

Client testimonials

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

The more people involved on the ground, engaged and implementing energy best practices the better.

Ian RentonManaging Director of The Jockey Club West Region

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practice, with sites recognised for their efforts, is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

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