Meeting Carbon Saving Targets

18.5% reduction in energy usage at 250 largest sites.

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In 1998, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) transferred ownership and management of its estate to Telereal Trillium under a 20-year contract called PRIME. Later, in 2003, the PRIME contract was expanded to include an additional 1,100 properties relating to the Employment Services estate. Since 2006, Stark has provided energy data services to Telereal Trillium. Currently, energy costs for DWP’s estate stand at £32M.


In 2010, the UK Government set a target for all government departments through its ‘Greening Government Commitment’ to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2015 from a 2009-10 base year.

“Understanding energy usage is key to improving the environmental efficiency in buildings. Installation of smart meters across our estate has made the single biggest contribution to reducing waste by allowing better management of resources such as electricity and gas.”

Simon Phillips, Regional Contract Director, Telereal Trillium


To augment Telereal Trillium’s energy management procedures they instigated a comprehensive monitoring and targeting plan to achieve the Department’s financial and carbon saving targets.

Stark’s advanced meter installation and energy data

Stark were selected to install 1,400 Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices. The data is collected half hourly by Stark and made visible on its reporting platform, Stark ID.

Two major energy reduction campaigns launched

Firstly, the RISE (Relaunched Initiative to Save Energy: 2006-2010) campaign focused on the top 260 energy-consuming sites with an emphasis on energy waste during unoccupied hours.

Building on the success of the RISE campaign, the AWaRE (Avoid Waste and Reduce Energy: 2009-2014) campaign capitalised on the success of the RISE campaign with DWP adding gas AMRs to a further 200 Jobcentres.

Additionally, a customised report was developed within Stark to pinpoint consumption exceeding an average unoccupied figure of 6kWh.


In conclusion, the RISE campaign resulted in an 18.5% reduction in energy usage in DWP’s 250 largest sites with a focus on reducing out-of-hours energy use. The AWaRE campaign delivered 22.6% of carbon savings for DWP’s estate.

Client testimonials

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

The more people involved on the ground, engaged and implementing energy best practices the better.

Ian RentonManaging Director of The Jockey Club West Region

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practice, with sites recognised for their efforts, is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

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