Delivering a Gas Supply Upgrade without disruption to vital care at St Pancras Hospital

Successful upgrade to St Pancras Hospital’s gas supply in less than four weeks, overcoming logistical challenges.


Located in the heart of London, St Pancras Hospital has specialised in geriatric and psychiatric medicine since its inception in 1848. With its historic charm and modern facilities, it stands as a testament to the hospital’s commitment to patient care.

The brief

In September 2022, Stark Works was approached by Sustainable Advantage to quote for the installation of a new 250mm low pressure (LP) gas supply and large rotary meter in the existing boiler house at St Pancras Hospital.

Our team had just over a week to assess the site, design the project, and provide cost estimates.

Stark secured the project by demonstrating our exceptional ability to provide an end-to-end solution in-house. Our commitment to speed, diligence, and flexibility was evident from the outset.

We offered quick turnaround times, visited the site at short notice, and amended project details multiple times to provide the client with three distinctive options.

The project

The St Pancras Hospital project came with its fair share of logistical and engineering challenges.

The hospital needed a new gas installation, but it was crucial to maintain a continuous gas supply to ensure the hospital’s uninterrupted operations.

Our Operations Manager, Andy Bedford, met with project managers before work began and conducted a thorough site survey where he identified a unique challenge.

There was only one access road for vehicles, which meant we needed a well-thought-out plan to guarantee staff and visitors could move in and out seamlessly. This demanded impeccable communication and coordination.

We provided the hospital with a clear project schedule in advance, including weekend work to minimise disruption.

The project commenced at the end closest to the hospital and progressed towards the connection point.

As is often the case, unforeseen obstacles emerged. The planned gas pipeline route intersected with a recently laid High Voltage (HV) cable route, necessitating a rerouting effort.

Overcoming unexpected hurdles

Additionally, the route onsite to reach the meter position restricted access to the renal unit, leading to necessary out-of-hours work on weekends.

Another challenge emerged as the project progressed. We had initially secured a road closure permit from the council, but a nearby industrial estate’s need for access complicated the situation.

This required us to revise our traffic management plan and adapt our working methods.

Success against all odds

Despite the challenges, Stark Works completed the gas supply installation in less than four weeks, a remarkable feat involving an 80-meter open-cut trench installation along a busy public highway.

The delivery and installation of the large rotary meter followed seamlessly, with the gas meter kiosk housing installed four weeks later, effectively concluding the project.

St Pancras Hospital now enjoys an upgraded and efficient gas supply, ensuring the continued success of its essential operations.

Stark Works remains committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions and maintaining the highest standards of service.

Client testimonials

Matthew WhiteLiaison Officer

I’m more than happy with the service Stark Works provided; the works were very efficient and caused no disruption, and even the letter posted to Residents of Park Crescent Mews West was a nice touch.

Jim CresswellProject Leader

I would like to thank Stark Works for doing an excellent job isolating and de-commissioning the MPG & LPG mains at Brighton. The work was done efficiently and without any complaints from the Hospital, especially as the work was carried out on a ‘Blue Route’.

David ShelleyContract Manager

We have found over the years that many of our dealings with mains services providers and statutory undertakers are challenging, but perhaps less so since the market was opened up to competition and companies such as Stark Works became involved. I do want to thank you for the effort which you have put into getting live gas onto site at Washwood Heath. To me it’s the way in which problems are dealt with that define businesses in the eyes of the customer.

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