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As an OFGEM approved Meter Asset Manager with years of extensive experience installing and maintaining gas meters, Stark Works have built a solid reputation as trusted gas meter experts. When it comes to gas meter installation, there are often a number of challenges to overcome, and Stark Works’ reputation for handling these effectively and efficiently has brought the opportunity to work on a number of iconic sites across London and the rest of the UK.

One such project was part of the new development at Wembley Park – a vibrant residential and entertainment quarter just 12 minutes from central London. Situated right next to Wembley Stadium, the development is in a historic, world-renowned area, with a fantastic array of live acts and sporting events just a stone’s throw away. A nine-screen cinema, designer shopping, leisure complex and a range of bars and restaurants has helped to transform the site into one of London’s most desirable investment opportunities and living areas.

The brief

In November 2018, Stark Works was contracted by SISK to work on an exciting project at Canada Court, part of the new residential development close to Wembley Stadium. It required the installation of a new single, medium pressure gas service, which would provide domestic heating to the site.

Due to the sensitive nature of this being a residential site, SISK had a number of requirements for the project to keep disruption to the residents to a minimum. Stark Works’ challenge was to fulfil specific terms of the client’s brief while also complying with regulatory requirements.

The project

As this project involved working in a residential area Stark Works was prepared to face a number of challenges from the outset. While installation of the new gas meter was a fairly straightforward process, meeting SISK’s requirements for the structure to house the new gas meter proved more of a challenge.

The client was keen that the work required did not leave a structure that would be an eyesore to the residents. The Wembley Park development is designed for modern living and the green gas kiosk that was set to house the newly installed gas meter was not considered attractive enough to fit in with the rest of the development. SISK set out a number of requirements specific to the design of the kiosk to minimise the problem, including building steps around the exterior, with the sides sitting at different levels, and installing a flowerbed on the roof.

Another requirement posed one of Stark Works’ biggest challenges on the project. The specification from IGEM/GM/8 part two required double doors installed in the gas kiosk to provide access to the gas module for maintenance. SISK requested that double doors were not installed, as part of minimising the impact to the residents, so the team were tasked with finding a workaround to meet the requirements of the client brief and adhered to the specifications of IGEM/GM/8 part 2 and IGEM/GM/7B.

The solution? Stark Works created a bespoke design for the kiosk, which was approved through a GT3 application. A towel rail module was designed with the streams sitting on top of one another so that the meter only needed to be accessed from one side when it required maintenance. This effectively transformed the gas kiosk from a ‘walk-through’ to a ‘walk-in’ design and removed the need for the double doors. The doors that were installed on one side of the kiosk were fully louvred to meet the ‘zone 0’ ventilation standards.

Once this main issue had been resolved the bespoke kiosk design could also be designed to meet the other requirements of the brief, including the client’s preference for a flowerbed on the roof. To adapt the kiosk for this requirement, Stark Works designed the vents on the roof to be as slimline as possible (to the point where they were almost invisible to the eye) whilst protruding from the roof enough to provide a safe area in case of venting

This project proved to be a prime example of Stark Works’ ability to work through challenges and provide excellent customer service, with sensitivity to the residents and the wishes of the client being considered at every stage of the project. As with all of its projects, Stark Works remain on hand to provide advice and services for the Wembley Park residential development, should it be required.

Client testimonials

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

The more people involved on the ground, engaged and implementing energy best practices the better.

Ian RentonManaging Director of The Jockey Club West Region

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practice, with sites recognised for their efforts, is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

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