Prezzo and Stark combine to save 8% on energy costs

Improved energy management and cost savings with Stark ID.

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Prezzo are a chain of British-owned restaurants serving food inspired by Italian cuisine. Their story began back in 2000, with the first restaurant opening in London’s West End. Now with over 180 sites across the UK, the company prides itself on being the home of Italian Classics, and is built on values such as One Team, Genuine Service, Be The Best You Can Be & Community. The Community value is all about the local area in which the restaurants sit, as well as being a responsible player in the wider global community.

In 2020, their Community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme will be brought to life, and are proud to be working with Stark, committing to deliver:

  • Carbon Trust accreditation to become a market leader of sustainability within the restaurant industry.
  • Reducing Co2 usage (Electricity and gas) by 15% by 2022 from a 2018 baseline (5% per year) ultimately saving £2m in utilities by the end of 2022.


Prezzo previously suffered from a lack of visibility and understanding over their energy consumption. Xander Cullum, Finance Business Partner said “We were continually looking backwards at overspends without ever being able to understand why, or how, they were occurring. We needed clear, accurate energy data across our whole estate in order to make informed strategic changes.”

Without access to high quality energy data for their electricity and gas, Prezzo would have continued to overuse on utilities and lag behind their competition. There would also be an increasing disconnect between decision making at Head Office and frustrations felt at a restaurant level.

“We wanted to work in a partnership towards our longer-term sustainability goal, rather than achieve a one-off cost saving” added Xander. “Whilst our primary focus was around electricity usage, we wanted to work with a company who had the platform and expertise to expand our strategy into gas and ultimately water utility reductions.”


“We needed a partner who could understand our complex estate and was willing to work with us from the beginning of our sustainability journey. Right the way through to enacting and supporting a multiple utility sustainability program.” Said Xander.

“Having a key account contact from Stark to provide regular updates was critical in passing resolutions at a board level. And finally, we needed a dashboard and an easy way to present consolidated trends to our stakeholders that could provide simple explanations by all levels of the business. Stark collects energy data for Prezzo’s electricity and gas in all our restaurants in half hourly intervals and makes this data available in their energy analytics platform – Stark ID, ready for analysis with a vast library of reports.”

“Stark ID was easy to transition into with minimal disruptions to the business. We could trial the simple solutions and strategies and then expand our focus based on known improvements.”

Xander Cullum, Finance Business Partner


“We are actively using the occupancy baseload monitoring function in Stark ID to identify Out of Hours saving solutions. We also use the kVA maximum thresholds to identify sites with a potential for contract reductions. And the ranking reporting options to encourage healthy competition across our teams.“

In a few short months Prezzo have seen a consistent energy reduction driven by focussing on out of hours usage and a change in perception throughout their company that energy is not just a cost of doing business but a controllable expense.

“Through engagement with Stark and the reporting tools available in the Stark ID analytics platform, we have achieved a continued energy reduction vs the previous year each month. And an anticipated net saving of £27k forecasted for 2020 alone from the KVA reductions we requested Stark to take action on, on our behalf.”

Monthly reduction in consumption

Client testimonials

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Kirstin McEvoySustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager

The more people involved on the ground, engaged and implementing energy best practices the better.

Ian RentonManaging Director of The Jockey Club West Region

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practice, with sites recognised for their efforts, is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

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