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Working with an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) like us,  rather than a DNO, offers numerous benefits. We’re quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) and Distribution Network Operators (DNO) are licensed by OFGEM to develop, operate and maintain local electricity distribution networks anywhere in the UK.

Take a look how Stark Works tackles the role of IDNO and comes out on top with these 10 benefits:

1. Save money 

Using an IDNO over a DNO can reduce the cost of your project. As an IDNO, we pay a price to own and operate the network – an asset adoption value – based on the expected load profile and value of the asset. We’ll take what we pay off the total of your project, which provides an upfront reduction in the cost. By contrast, a DNO will adopt the network without payment, offering no additional value to you.

2. Transparent quotes

Often, quotes from DNOs do not provide a fixed-cost solution. They will only include minimal information, allowing for elements to be overlooked so you’re more likely to incur additional costs through variation orders further down the line. We always provide an accurate and transparent estimate of the costs and duration of your project, to reduce the likelihood of unwelcome surprises at a later date. We carry out initial checks and provide a comprehensive cost breakdown, which clearly spells out what is and isn’t included in your price.

3. Get connected faster

IDNOs can complete your connection much more quickly than a DNO because we manage every aspect of the project in-house, so there are no delays waiting for third parties. We are in control of the start dates and delivery mobilisation. The average time it takes us to begin work from when you accept our quote is eight weeks*, compared to at least three to four months for a DNO.

*For a standard project where no additional network investigation is required.

4. Delivery assurance and flexibility

When you first approach us for a quote, we’ll provide a fixed delivery timescale, which DNOs don’t offer. As all aspects of the project are all managed in-house, we also have the flexibility to react more quickly to any changes in the timescale required by you or other project stakeholders.

5. Value engineered designs

DNO specifications are often over-engineered, adding unnecessary client costs. We design to meet your requirements, with value, quality, and longevity in mind. Since we own and adopt the networks, and are responsible for all the maintenance and repairs, you can be assured we will always build to the highest standards, to stand the test of time.

6. Same service levels as a DNO

As an IDNO licensed by Ofgem, we are held to the same standards as a DNO, so you’ll receive the same quality of service and guarantee of performance as you would if you were connected to the network via a DNO. Connection via an IDNO also has no bearing on which utility provider you’re able to choose – so there really are no downsides!

7. Additional support preparing for connection

At Stark Works we have years of experience installing new connections in some of the busiest areas of London and can provide support readying your site for connection, above and beyond what you’d get with a DNO. This includes arranging relevant land rights, local authority permits, traffic management and groundworks.

8. New connections specialists

DNOs deal with many different areas of work, which could mean it takes them a while to get to your project amongst everything else they need to do. Stark Works specialise in new connections. We’re working on this type of work all the time, and it’s always our priority, so we’re likely to get to your project much more quickly.

9. Dedicated project manager

Over our 20 years in the industry, we’ve built a reputation on our high standard of customer service. When you work with us, we assign a dedicated project manager, who acts as your point of contact throughout your project, from start to finish. This helps make things simple, as you always know exactly who to contact, no matter which of our services you require.

10. All your energy requirements. All in one place.

As well as being an IDNO, we are also licensed to own and operate gas networks as an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) and Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP). So, if you need both gas and electricity connections for your project, you can get it all from us. We operate nationwide, so, if you’ve got multiple sites, we work to ensure they are all completed and maintained to the same high standard.

And that’s not all. Our services extend way beyond the design, build and adoption of gas and electricity networks, to include all the tools and products you need to manage your energy – everything from meter data and analytics to electric vehicle charging. With everything provided in-house, we’re able to offer you optimum efficiency and greater added value.

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