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As a leading provider of gas infrastructure, we take pride in our rich history of successfully completing prestigious gas connections. We’ve had the privilege of contributing to some of the most iconic and innovative structures in the heart of London and beyond. From BBC Broadcasting House to The Shard, our track record showcases our expertise in gas connections for highly regarded projects.

Today, we’re fortunate to continue this success across both gas and electricity networks, but for now….

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

One Canada Square

Canary Wharf Group approached Stark Works to assess the feasibility of utilising an existing gas supply that was installed during the construction of One Canada Square in 1988.

In order to facilitate this process, the 12” valve, dormant in a coffee shop basement, required relocation. This task involved skilfully moving the valve and laying 40m of 12” welded steel pipework through corridors to the gas meter room.

Over a span of ten discreet nights, we meticulously executed this work, avoiding disruptions to the coffee shop and its valued customers.

20 Fenchurch Street

In partnership with Canary Wharf Group and Land Securities, Stark Works played an early and pivotal role in securing the substantial gas volume needed for an unconventional building in the City.

To address this challenge comprehensively, the projected gas usage encompassed a constant demand fuel cell and a high-pressure boosted outlet for appliances. In a strategic move to sidestep significant reinforcement costs to National Grid’s gas network, Stark Works conducted a meticulous analysis of gas usage among appliances and internal pipework.

This thorough analysis served to reassure National Grid that the elevated gas pressure resulting from the building’s configuration would not negatively impact its network.

As a result of these findings, we efficiently connected to the existing network via a 355 mm sized pipe, effectively eliminating the need for a costly reinforcement scheme.

184 Shepherd’s Bush Road

Dunnhumby’s new European headquarters, located in a Grade II listed former motor factory and showroom, presented unique challenges. Built around 1915, the building demanded the preservation of specific elements, notably the front façade and the north east corner.

Our gas infrastructure efforts involved bringing in an MDPE gas supply from Shepherds Bush Road to within the development. This was seamlessly followed by the implementation of with bespoke welded steel pipework, serving the new gas plant room at the rear.

The enhancement of our gas connections was further realised through the installation of a meticulously designed primary gas meter module. This module operates under Stark Works’ MAM license, a testament to our commitment to maintaining the functionality and efficiency of the gas system.

240 Blackfriars Road

Our successful completion of a comprehensive project near London’s Waterloo demonstrates our expertise in gas connections. This prestigious development, spanning 20 storeys and covering an expansive 28,500 sq. m., demanded gas network reinforcement, new infrastructure, gas services, and multiple primary meters.

Collaborating with Hilson Moran Partnership and liaising with the incumbent gas network owner, we successfully designed, procured, and installed new upstream gas infrastructure. This included large diameter high-level welded steel offtakes to serve various units within the building.

Our achievement drew praise from Mace Ltd, our customer, for delivering gas utility services on time, within budget, and with professionalism.

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BBC Broadcasting House

Engaged by the principal contractor Bovis Lendlease, Stark Works were assumed the responsibility of installing the new gas supply and gas meter for this building to a very tight time scale. The location and size of the pipe required meant that a significant excavation was required to insert an equal tee into the existing main to provide an off-take. As the connection location was on a road junction a road closure was required from Westminster Council before the busy Christmas period.

Demonstrating our adeptness, the installation of the new gas supply and meter was effectively executed in accordance with the demanding time constraints and the designated financial parameters. This feat ensured the seamless progression of the gas connection process, exemplifying our commitment to delivering efficient and effective solutions.

Crawley High Street

Stark Works had an early involvement with Land Securities and Mclaren Group in securing an adequate gas volume required for a 110-bed hotel, a superstore and 4 restaurants.

To facilitate this ambitious endeavour, Stark Works undertook the task of isolating prevailing services, a process that entailed the removal of existing meters and the strategic diversion of primary gas lines.

This proactive approach set the stage for the subsequent introduction of novel gas supplies and advanced metering systems within the ambit of the newly erected structures.

The reinforcement of the mains was seamlessly orchestrated in partnership with Southern Gas Networks, thereby paving the way for the installation of fresh gas supplies and an array of sophisticated gas meters across the complex.

Principal Place, Amazon Head Office

Our collaboration with Brookfield Property Partners and Multiplex Construction on Amazon’s UK headquarters serves as a prominent illustration of our position as a leading provider of gas infrastructure solutions.

Handpicked to represent global property investors and esteemed developers, we assumed the pivotal role of orchestrating the gas supply and meter installation for the renowned Principal Place development. This towering 15-storey edifice, nestled on the cusp of Shoreditch and the City of London, boasts an expansive expanse of more than 600,000 sq. ft. dedicated to Amazon’s office space. This state-of-the-art structure has the capacity to accommodate in excess of 5,000 Amazon employees and was driven by the imperative to cater to Amazon’s ongoing expansion in the UK.

Commencing in 2014, our involvement in this multi-million-pound venture was marked by the meticulous guidance of the design, installation, and metering processes governing the entirety of the building’s gas supply. This endeavour was expertly overseen by our adept team of specialists. We take immense pride in announcing the recent completion of this project, achieved in July 2017.

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, John Clifton, Senior Project Manager at Stark Works, remarks, “Collaborating with Brookfield and Multiplex on such a prestigious endeavour stands as a remarkable accomplishment for Stark Works. The complexity of the project demanded meticulous management and coordination from an exceptional team, ultimately leading to its completion within the established timeframe and budget. I am delighted to affirm that Stark Works successfully delivered on all fronts.”

The Shard

From early conceptual design Stark Works were integral to the provision of gas to Lorenzo Piano’s iconic building. During the initial phases, we encountered significant challenges in locating the gas meters two floors down in the basement and complying with current legislation about ventilation. This was eventually approved following a detailed report from Stark Works demonstrating natural airflow through the ventilation ducts.

Taking charge of the comprehensive process, Stark Works spearheaded the installation of the novel gas supply and effectively positioned the requisite gas meters. Nonetheless, due to inadequate gas pressure within the vicinity, a substantial enhancement to Southern Gas Network’s gas infrastructure became imperative to cater to the gas demands of the Shard. The works were coordinated by Stark Works to ensure that the new gas installation, meters and reinforcement works were completed to meet the challenging gas on date and delivered within budget. We are proud to have worked on this prestigious project and pleased to have worked with MACE the main contractor.

A legacy of excellence

At the core of both London’s iconic skyline and beyond, our legacy of innovation shines through our gas connections. From historic landmarks like BBC Broadcasting House to projects spanning diverse locations, we’ve seamlessly woven our expertise into structures that define communities.

Above all, our journey is a testament to precision, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to shaping the future through efficient and reliable gas connections.

As we continue this journey, we remain dedicated to fuelling progress across both gas and electricity networks with our expertise and excellence.

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