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Choose an ICP to save more on your next residential project

When it comes to new connections for residential projects, Stark Works stands out as a superior alternative. We provide cost-effective, reliable solutions that maximise cost savings benefits for you.

Expert handling of network interactions

Dealing with networks can be complex. However, Stark Works simplifies the process with our expertise and dedicated account managers.

We efficiently handle capacity requests and avoid the common pitfall of overestimation. Our account managers ensure clear communication, keeping you informed throughout your project.

Additionally, our ability to challenge DNOs for better terms sets us apart, offering flexible and cost-effective network solutions for your residential project.

At Stark Works, we understand that navigating network interactions can be daunting. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of capacity requests and Points of Connection (POC) applications.

By leveraging our expertise, we can streamline these processes, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly. Our commitment to transparency means you are always aware of the project’s status, and our proactive approach ensures any potential issues are addressed promptly.

Cost-effective new connections for residential projects

For developers, we know cost is a crucial factor when seeking new connections for residential projects. That’s why we provide the best possible cost through a transparent quoting process, understanding your load requirements to prevent excessive costs associated with over-requesting capacity.

Here’s how we ensure cost-effective new connections for residential developers:

Challenging DNOs for better terms

Our negotiation skills ensure favourable terms for LV/HV connections. By liaising with networks & submitting POC requests, we secure superior deals

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Expertise in load requirements

We assess your load requirements accurately, providing the best options at the best costs, whether it’s a substation or an LV connection

Transparent and efficient processes

Our efficient process and expertise means we will ensure your project receives the necessary infrastructure without unnecessary delays or costs

At Stark Works, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our transparent quoting process ensures that you understand all costs upfront, eliminating unexpected expenses.

By accurately assessing your load requirements, we avoid the pitfalls of overestimation, which can lead to inflated costs. Our proactive negotiation with DNOs further guarantees that you receive the best possible terms for your project.

Stark Works puts your needs first

Choosing Stark Works for new connections in your residential projects means benefiting from a seamless approach that outperforms DNOs in several ways:

  • Cost savings: Competitive pricing and asset value deductions from construction costs provide a budget-friendly solution
  • Clear communication: Dedicated account managers ensure you are always informed and involved, avoiding unclear or delayed updates
  • Flexibility and expertise: Our team’s expertise and negotiation skills offer more flexibility and control over your project’s network solutions
  • Efficiency and reliability: We handle applications and capacity requests efficiently, ensuring timely and reliable new connections for your residential projects

Our commitment to cost savings is unmatched. By deducting asset value from your construction costs, we offer a more budget-friendly solution without sacrificing quality.

Our dedicated account managers ensure that communication is clear and timely, preventing any misunderstandings or delays. Our expertise in negotiating with DNOs provides you with flexible and efficient solutions tailored to your project’s needs.


For seamless new connections in residential projects, Stark Works is your ideal partner. We are dedicated to putting you first, saving you money and providing reliable solutions.

Our expert handling of network interactions, transparent processes, and commitment to cost savings ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Trust Stark Works to deliver the new connections your residential project needs with unparalleled expertise and service.

Choosing Stark Works means choosing efficiency, reliability, and expertise.

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