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Why you should choose an ICP like Stark Works instead of a DNO/GDN

In the dynamic landscape of the energy industry, Stark Works stands out as more than just an Independent Connection Provider (ICP).

We are your dedicated partner, offering specialised services that surpass the conventional offerings of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Grid Distribution Networks (GDNs).

Let’s explore why choosing us as your ICP is the strategic decision for your energy needs.

Tailored solutions beyond standard services

While DNOs and GDNs offer generic solutions, Stark Works excels in tailoring our services to meet your project’s unique requirements.

Our commitment is to seamlessly align our connection process with the specific needs of your project.

Whether designing, building, or connecting new electricity infrastructure or modifying existing connections, our ICP services cover the entire spectrum, ensuring a reliable energy supply to your premises.

Regulatory compliance

Operating within a stringent regulatory framework, Stark Works goes beyond compliance by adapting our services to diverse consumer needs.

This flexibility ensures that your energy connection meets regulatory standards and is custom-tailored to your project demands.

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Comprehensive expertise across the spectrum

Stark Works covers a broad range of services, ranging from designing and building new electricity infrastructure to modifying or upgrading existing connections.

Our comprehensive expertise is specialised and adaptable, surpassing the standard services offered by DNOs and GDNs.

At Stark Works, we offer a multi-utility service so you can get everything you need, all in one place.

Transparent and comprehensive costing

So, you may be thinking how much does it cost to use an ICP?

Costs can vary based on the scope of work, type of connection, and individual project requirements.

Detailed quotes will be provided after assessing the specific needs of your project.

We put a lot of time into our quotes to ensure that you do not experience any unexpected costs during your project.

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Efficient connection process with clear timelines

At Stark Works, we commit to making the connection process as seamless as possible.

With clear timelines based on your project specifications and the work involved, we ensure an efficient connection process compared to potentially longer timelines with DNOs and GDNs.


As your dedicated ICP, Stark Works offers not just a service, but a partnership focused on exceeding your expectations.

When considering new developments or modifications, choose Stark Works for a seamless energy connection that goes beyond the limitations of DNOs and GDNs.

Our customers give us their thoughts

Tony KavanaghHead of Utilities London Square Project Manager

If a project is a little more complicated, I would always go to Stark Works first. As well as the transportation and network installation, I like the fact they manage meter installations, connections and disconnections too. Disconnections are a good plus point because as a contractor, you don’t always have the information you need about the suppliers.

Rajendra PatelTechnical Director Building Services

We've been working with Stark over the last few months to obtain designs and quotations for our developer sites. The team's in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise has been invaluable in helping my developers with distribution planning. I've been really impressed with their prompt and courteous responses, which have allowed us to progress projects quickly and efficiently.

Alex MyersTPI Relationship Manager

Big thanks to the whole Stark Works team for their exceptional service in successfully installing recent metering requests, with the latest one installed in less than 24 hours - incredible! As a supplier, it's important to develop great relationships with our Metering Asset Managers to ensure exceptional service with our new connections and Stark Works has always delivered.

David ShelleyContract Manager

We have found over the years that many of our dealings with mains services providers and statutory undertakers are challenging, but perhaps less so since the market was opened up to competition and companies such as Stark Works became involved. I do want to thank you for the effort which you have put into getting live gas onto site at Washwood Heath. To me it’s the way in which problems are dealt with that define businesses in the eyes of the customer.


What is an Independent Connection Provider (ICP)?

ICPs are entities responsible for the installation, connection, and maintenance of electricity supply to premises.

They act as intermediaries, facilitating the connection between a property and the wider energy network.

Working within a strict regulatory framework, ICPs operate under the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accreditation.

This accreditation ensures that the connections established are not only safe and efficient but also tailored to diverse consumer needs, adhering to the highest industry standards.

When should you use an Independent Connection Provider?

Consider employing an ICP when establishing a new property, expanding an existing one, or requiring modifications to your electrical connection.

Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial project, an ICP’s expertise ensures a seamless connection process.

What information do I need to provide to an ICP?

To initiate the connection process, provide information regarding your project’s specifications, location, electrical requirements, and relevant permits or consents.

This is essential for the ICP to design and execute a tailored solution.

How do I check if a company is an ICP?

When choosing an ICP, it is important to verify whether a company is an authorised Independent Connection Provider within the energy industry.

We would recommend the following steps:

  • Check the NERS register: The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) register should be consulted as the primary source of information regarding accredited Independent Connection Providers (ICPs). For direct access to the NERS register, please visit: NERS Register.
  • Check official registries: Regulatory bodies such as Ofgem maintain lists of authorised ICPs.
  • Explore the company’s official website: Reputable ICPs often highlight their accreditations, certifications, or qualifications.
  • Direct enquiry: Contact the company directly and enquire about their certifications to ensure their legitimacy.

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