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Day+1 Data for Decades

Day+1 Data runs in our veins.

We’re at the heart of the energy industry. And have always gone beyond to provide day+1 energy data for decades.

So, taking on Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) is nothing new to us.

We navigated P272 successfully in 2017, guiding our customers’ Non-Half Hourly (NHH) NHH maximum demand meters to Half Hourly (HH) data collection.

Now with Metering Services in-house, our Data position is stronger than ever.

Here’s some of our major data innovations, and what make us unique:

Day+1 data for decades.

In the 1980s, our Stark software changed the way businesses interacted with their energy data.

This innovation set up Stark as an industry leader for customer-focused energy data management.

We then received our Half Hourly Data Collector and Aggregator (HH DC/DA) accreditation in 2002 and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) accreditation in 2006.

That means we’ve been collecting day+1 data for HH and NHH data for decades.

And we’re good at it.

“Stark always sits above the average compared to the other HH Data Collectors”  Smartest Energy, Settlement team

Stark data hub illustration

Disruptive Gas day+1 data for the people.

In 2018 we became a Gas Meter Asset Manager (Gas MAM).

Providing the gas meter service instead of just a data logger meant customers took control to work in partnership with their Gas MAM for the first time.

Importantly, it gave us another opportunity to provide customers with high quality day+1 data.

This move disrupted the gas data market.

Meaning that our Gas MAM customers enjoy real value for money with access to their data.

Helping them save thousands in wasted energy costs.

Gas flame icon

Data first, then Analytics.

Collecting data is great.

But the whole point in the 80s was to give customers the power to interrogate their own data, take control and make positive changes.

That’s why our online energy analytics platform came to life.

Now Stark ID, we have one of the most user-friendly multi-utility energy data analytics platforms out there.

“It’s so easy to spot where there is an issue and then start investigating things at site” Oxfordshire CC on Stark ID

Illustration of a person looking at a large tablet showing Stark ID day+1 data energy analytics.

Energy data needs working meters.

But what’s the point in data if the meters don’t work?

We brought long-term metering partner, WPD Smart Metering now Stark Connect, into the group.

Now our in-house metering services further cements our capabilities to provide the best quality energy data.

We know our HH data backed by Stark Connect ranks highest in supplier benchmarks.

Our customers know it too.

Read more about Stark Connect

Illustration of person and meters for Stark Connect

Transparency and honesty in Analytics.

Data Health is a first in the energy space.

Within Stark ID, it provides customers with a clear, honest and up-to-date view of how their meters and appointments are working.

Energy and facility managers can pinpoint the meters which need maintenance, see who the action is on and act.

It’s a game changer.

“Clear and easy to understand. We’d be able to quickly identify issues and see which actions sat with Stark and which sat with us.” Advantage Utilities on Stark ID Data Health

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Watch the introduction to Data Health on our YouTube channel

Stark ID Data Health logo

Our day+1 data even extends to our EV charge point offer.

Being a Charge Point Operator and installer is one thing.

But more satisfying, is being able to treat EV chargers like a utility, and put the day+1 data from them into Stark ID.

So, our customers get their charger utilisation data plus the consumption data in Stark ID alongside their other utilities.

This level of futureproofing is unique to our EV charging offer, and we’re excited to be bringing it to businesses.

EV charging with analytics

And today we’re still building our own software.

Just like in the 80s, all our data, analytics and metering systems are built in-house

It’s meant that we’ve been able to act fast.

We’re dynamic, flexible and packed to the gills with software engineers, testers, technicians and data analysts.

As the energy industry changes, so can we.

Our customers can rely on us to guide them effortlessly through to Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement just like we already did with P272.

Read more about MHHS

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