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At Stark, we strive to collect sufficient information about your project at the outset to give an accurate and transparent estimate of the cost and duration, so there are no unwelcome surprises later down the line. Read on to find out how our initial checks help mitigate the risks of your project overrunning and incurring additional costs.

Initial enquiries

When you make an enquiry with us, there’s a certain amount of information we collect as a minimum to capture and streamline our de-risking process. This includes details about the site location, boundaries, gas routes and loads required. Collecting this information upfront saves the ‘toing-and-froing’ that often comes later in the project, and eliminates the errors that occur when estimates are based on assumptions.

Pressure availability, load and profile confirmation

We request pressure information from the gas network to see if we need to boost or compress downstream of your gas meter to achieve your required gas pressure. It’s essential the impact on the network is fully evaluated, as boosters and compressors can have an adverse effect and trigger the need for network reinforcements.

Once we have the pressure information from the network, we work with you to establish a gas profile for your project. This is an essential step that helps us produce an accurate preliminary design to be submitted for full network analysis.

Preliminary design and network analysis

To give a more accurate indication of budget, it is useful to know whether the gas can be taken with or without network reinforcements. To establish this, we’ll submit the gas profile and preliminary design for full network analysis and approval. The results give us an indication of the following:

  1. Can the existing network support the gas load?
  2. Will reinforcement works be required? These could be chargeable, involve a feasibility study, or cause your project to fall into the SCJ (Sufficiently Complex Job) classification, which can affect the timeframe and cost.
  3. Are there any network restrictions that would not work with your equipment?
  4. Will the network upsize our offtake connection to ease pressure constraints on the local network?

Quotation and timescale

The outcome of the network analysis can have a significant impact on the cost and timescale for your project. At Stark we ensure our quotations are always fit for purpose and completely transparent. Unlike many contractors, we clearly list the network costs that arise from the network analysis. We also consider all the potential outcomes and the impact they are likely to have on the cost and duration of your project, so you have a final figure that encompasses all the work we anticipate will be involved.