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EV chargers disrupt Half Hourly data. Only Stark can solve it. 

Stark Charge ensures businesses protect their ability to make energy cost savings.

We do this by treating EV chargers like another utility.

We turn EV charging sessions into Half Hourly data so businesses can continue targeting energy waste and reducing costs.

Here we show you exactly how that works using our own live data.

This is relevant for all businesses who are using energy data for:

  • Energy Costs savings
  • Sustainability targets
  • Compliance reports
  • Emissions reports
  • ESG & CPR

What is Half Hourly (HH) data & why is it important? 

Half Hourly data is the foundation of all energy management, supplier billing and the UK’s ability to balance supply and demand across the country. 

It’s basically the name for collecting electricity data by 30-minute intervals, or half hours. There are 48 in a day, and the entire UK electricity industry uses it.  

Businesses have relied on HH data for decades. It gives them granular data to: 

  • Procure energy at the best times 
  • Target energy waste to save costs 
  • Be billed accurately for energy use 

It’s a big deal.  

It’s why suppliers are rolling out Smart meters across the country and industry regulator Elexon is moving to Market wide Half Hourly Settlement. 


What happens to HH data when EV charging starts?

Let’s look at a month’s worth of HH data from our very own Sentinel House, here in Horley. 

The report is from Stark ID, our energy analytics platform. 

We have a steady energy baseline of around 5 kWh. This is due to our data servers running 24/7: 

Half Hourly building data for Sentinel House prior to installation of EV chargers

Then we took the decision to install EV charge points on the building.  

The EV chargers use the same supply as the building. 

So the building’s electricity profile changed to this:  

Half Hourly building data showing random peaks once EV chargers are installed

We now have multiple new spikes at random times of the day and night. 

  • Imagine this was your business
  • How would you currently determine what was EV charger consumption?

What’s at risk if you ignore EV charging’s impact on energy data?

table of business type and what's at risk

That’s where our USP come in…

Stark’s solution 

With over 40 years in HH data and analytics, we seamlessly turn EV charging sessions into HH data. 

As the only accredited HH Data Collector and Charge Point Operator in the UK, we are uniquely placed to solve this problem. 

We can separate those charging sessions from the building data. 

Now let’s look at that last lot of HH data again:

Protect your energy-savings

Treat your EV chargers like another utility

Half Hourly data with EV charging overlaid to help identify what is legitimate charging and maintain where building energy use is

Now we can see exactly what is EV charging and what is our building’s energy.

With the EV charging data separated from our building’s energy, we can see that the spikes of use over the weekend are in fact EV charging.  

If we had spikes in building energy use outside of working hours, these would show up too. 

But were pretty good at keeping to our baseline, as you can see: 

Highlighting the EV charging over the weekend on our Half Hourly data to show how easy it is to identify charging consumption versus building waste.

We don’t waste time, money and resources investigating data spikes.

We just press a button, review it and move on. Confidently able to:

  • Target energy waste
  • Reduce our energy costs
  • Report accurately on our energy use

And the best part? We provide this to all of our Stark Charge EV customers as standard.

Only Stark can turn your EV charger data into HH data.

Let us future-proof your business today and protect your building energy management, Net Zero strategies and essential business activities.

You will need to separate your EV HH data from your building data.

If you ignore the impact EV chargers have on your building HH data, then you risk:

  • Undoing years of hard energy management work
  • Unable to identify best or worst sites
  • Loss of ability to prove the success of efficiency projects
  • Increasing energy costs
  • Increased energy waste
  • Increased carbon emissions
  • Unable to perform tenant billing
  • Inaccurate compliance and carbon reports


What if I don’t have my building utilities with Stark?

If you’re unable to switch over to Stark as your data collector, don’t worry. We can host 3rd party data in our systems for you for a small additional charge.

What if I already have EV chargers installed by someone else?

That’s fine. We can adopt those chargers and manage them for you. You will get full maintenance and all the data just as if we’d installed them.  

Book a call with us for a demonstration.

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