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EV charger install process – everything you need to know

EV charger installation is simple when you choose the right partner.

We pride ourselves on providing the best engineers and importantly have the capacity to provide network upgrades for you if needed.

However many sites will be able to install EV chargers using their existing supplies and we’re experts in delivering.

Here we’ll explain our installation process in full because it’s important to know what to expect with any new investment.

1. Consultation & Free Survey

We’ll hold a consultation call to find out exactly what you need from your EV chargers, such as:

  • Who will be using them
  • Frequency of use
  • The most cost-effective solution.
  • Your electricity capacity for the building
  • Do you have existing chargers you want to switch to Stark?
  • Discuss our Charge Point Operating platform
  • Review what government grants you can use

Then we’ll send one of our EV engineering specialists to the site to perform the survey and gather all relevant information.  

This will then all be presented back to you with a report and quote with a full breakdown of costs and we’ll offer a post-survey call too

Important factors to consider before installation


Do you have permission to install EV chargers?

Are there any restrictions or listed buildings?


If you’re a Stark Data customer, we’ll check your capacity for you

If not, ask your Supplier for your capacity as a priority

EV charge point charger icon


Where do you want your chargers? Will they be for private or public use?

What type of charger? Do you want the bays painted? Will you use grants?

"We save businesses money by choosing the right charger in the first place. This is the focus of the consultation."

Sally Stevens, Stark Charge Product Manager

2. EV charge point installation

  • First, if any site works are needed, we’ll coordinate those
  • Then we will arrange a convenient time to install your chargers
  • Our specialist engineers will install high-quality cabling from the distribution board to where the EV charge points will be installed 
  • All safety checks will be completed

Have your charger settings ready i.e. employee EV drivers, tariff rates, public or private charging set ups. We can commission them ready to go as soon as they’re installed.

Sally StevensStark Charge Product Manager

3. Post-Installation handover

We provide our customers with a full handover.

  • How to use the new charge points
  • How to use our Stark Charge app
  • A welcome email providing further guidance and support.
  • Details about our 24/7 driver support centre
  • Full installation reports

We’re also happy to support you in spreading the word so that your employees and other stakeholders know all about your new EV chargers.

We provide a fully managed Charge Point service, and give you the flexibility to change tariffs, users and public access. Not all providers do this.

Sally StevensStark Charge Product Manager

"Our aftercare is second to none. We love to see our customers get the best value from their new chargers."

Sally Stevens, Stark Charge Product Manager

Discover how we can help you get it right the first time.

EV HH data analytics to protect your energy-saving projects

Importantly, we turn EV charging sessions into the vital Half Hourly (HH) data businesses rely on.

  • Automatic transfer of EV data into Half Hourly data
  • Available in Stark ID
  • View alongside your building’s electricity consumption
  • Separate EV charging from building electricity data
  • Free training available

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This is our USP. We give businesses the ability to keep on finding energy savings even after their EV chargers are installed.

Sally StevensStark Charge Product Manager

About Our Engineers

Any qualified electrician can install EV charge points.

However, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with best-in-class EV installations from best-in-class EV specialist engineers.

For that reason, we only use electricians who are trained to the highest standards in the field of EV charging.

"When buying chargers, it’s not all about the install process or even the upfront cost. Utilising your chargers to their full potential is key. Our dedicated Stark Charge team are on hand to help you manage this."

Sally Stevens, Stark Charge Product Manager


Do you need permission to install electric car charger?

If you do not own the building where you would like to install EV chargers, you should get permission from your landlord. We’re available to support you on these conversations.

How long does it take to install an EV charging station?

This will depend on the site e.g. how far the chargers are away from the power supply, whether site works are required to get the cable to the charge point location etc. It could range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks but we can advise all of this at the survey stage.

What do I need to know before installing an EV charger?

How you want your chargers to be set up and managed once installed e.g. tariffs and user access and whether they’re public or private charging.

Can any qualified electrician fit a commercial EV charger?

Charge point manufacturers normally require electricians to complete their installer training.

Our best-in-class engineers are OZEV approved, and hold many further qualifications e.g., Level 3 Award in the Design and Quality Assurance of Largescale Electric Vehicle Charging Installations from City & Guilds. 

What are the different types of commercial EV charger?

7kW and 22kW. 7kW chargers can take ~6-8 hours to charge a vehicle, whilst a 22kW charger can add up to 180 miles in ~2-3 hours.

Do all EV chargers need wifi?

Chargers normally have a SIM inside them which allows them to communicate with a charge point operating platform AS a back up we can also use the wifi connectivity to keep the charger online and visible on the CPO platform.

Charge point maintenance

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Charge point data

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