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Not all EV charge point providers focus on the same things. Here’s our priorities.

1. Stark Charge protects your energy monitoring strategies.

You’ve spent years implementing an effective energy management strategy. So why put it in jeopardy when EV charger consumption starts on your sites?

Most Charge Point Operators (CPO), like Stark, provide a platform. They show which chargers are being used and allow you to set tariffs for drivers.  

All good stuff.

But what they don’t supply is the granular detail to manage EV consumption like any other utility.  

Stark Charge protects your existing energy management strategies by treating your EV consumption like it’s another incoming utility.  We are the only provider out there able to do this.

How do we manage to do this? As we’re a 40 year old Data Collector with superior analytics, we just incorporate your EV consumption data onto Stark ID, our energy analytics platform. You get day+1 daily HH data for your EV!

You can easily run reports against it AND your building data. So, you avoid the additional time and detective work needed with other providers to run energy reports and gather insights.   

Without this, you are effectively muddying the waters and making building energy management increasingly difficult. Energy managers are left to manually calculate the impact EV consumption has on buildings data. 

2. We can adopt existing charge points.

Better for sustainable supply chains, adoption of existing assets runs through Stark’s electricity and gas metering propositions. Our Stark Charge EV offer is no different. 
We can adopt most major EV charge points allowing you to consolidate your various charge points under a single provider and get the value from Stark ID daily data, (which also provides you with a handy asset register as well).

3. We show you the savings with advice on grants and tax deductions.

Navigating the various grants and tax breaks available for businesses is not as easy as it should be.  Our Stark Charge quotes incorporate the savings that can be applied for your EV charge point project to help reduce and benefit from cost savings on your initial outlay.  

Our Product experts are also here to help you navigate the world of grants – just drop us a line to see what you’d be able to claim.

4. Our EV charge points are MID approved.

The government’s Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) requires that certain approved sub-meters are needed to recharge tenants, so why should EV charge points be any different?

If you’re charging drivers or commercial tenants for electricity, then you want to be confident that it’s correct and reliableThat’s why Stark Charge provides MID approved meters in our charge points.  
It is not mandatory requirement in the industry…yet. So having this installed now protects against any charging quibbles or compliance changes that may come into play in the future.

5. We are true end-to-end provider: Networks, Meters, EV chargers, Data and Analytics.

With our in-house network and electricity metering teams we can provide a true end-to-end service. So, if you need new infrastructure connections or electricity meters to allow your charge points to be installed, we can cover that too. 

And our support does not stop once the EV chargers are installed or adopted.

Your consumption data is transferred into our Stark ID platform giving you a complementary 30 minute interval data energy analytics platform.

Our teams are on hand throughout your time with us to provide advice, support and expertise to make sure you get the most value from your investments, time and efforts.

Essential for any business looking to manage energy consumption for maximum efficiencies, reduce waste and cut carbon. 

Stark Charge

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Stark Charge

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