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Maintenance of EV Chargers: Commonly asked questions

One of the biggest concerns for new and existing EV drivers is the charger not working properly.

It’s the responsibility of the Charge Point Operator to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Currently, there are no regulations around how to become a Charge Point Operator (CPO) which can result in a huge variation in the level of support, aftercare and maintenance service customers experience.

We know the importance of maintaining meters, and EV charge points are no different.

We are well-versed in:

  • Handling maintenance for thousands of meter points across the UK,
  • Operated in the energy metering space for over 40 years
  • Applying our expertise to our EV charging, so you get the best quality maintenance service.
Here we’ll share the most frequent questions we hear from our customers when it comes to maintenance for their EV chargers.

We treat EV chargers like another utility

What maintenance do EV chargers need?

The top 3 most common calls we receive from our Support centre are:

Cable locking in the charge point.

  • Our fix: We can reboot the charger remotely to resolve this issue to keep the driver experience happy and your chargers available with minimal disruption.

Cannot start a charge.

  • Common cause: Most often this is due to drivers not being on the correct app to start a charging session.
  • Our fix: We help the driver set up an account on the Stark Charge app.

We make sure your employees are registered as part of the onboarding so you can deliver a seamless experience.

Tripped fuses.

  • Common cause: Power cuts at the site sometimes trip the fuses for EV chargers.
  • Our fix: We can send an engineer to the site or guide your maintenance team to take action.

What do I do if my charge points are not working?

Contact your Charge Point Operator if you’re experiencing poor maintenance service and regularly have chargers offline.

You can also consider switching your existing EV chargers to Stark.

We can adopt compatible chargers and give you a fast, easy and efficient solution.

What reactive maintenance does Stark Charge offer?

As part of our EV charging service, we offer a reactive maintenance package so we will come to your site any time that is needed to resolve a charge point fault whenever you need us

What proactive maintenance does Stark Charge offer?

We proactively monitor for faults in our Charge Point Management System.

All faults are handled in the first instance by our EV Support team who have remote, real-time access to each charge point.

This means that some issues will be resolved before you even notice them.

How are EV charging faults handled?

All reported faults are handled in the first instance by our EV Support team who have remote, real-time access to each charge point.

If we can’t fix a fault remotely, we will send one of our in-house engineers to your site to identify the issue and resolve the problem.

Support & Customer Service

It’s the people that make the difference. And our Stark Charge support team are exceptional.

We support our customers with managing their charge points, whether that’s a light touch or a fully managed service.

What’s included in Stark’s fully managed CPO service?

We’re always open to innovative ideas on what can assist you however, we’ve found our customers like to have support with:

  • Setting and updating tariffs
  • Providing up-to-date market comparisons in their area
  • Updating user restrictions e.g. workplace chargers for employees
  • Reporting on transactions, user sessions
  • Marketing collateral to assist with the roll-out to employees

What support do drivers get when charging?

Having clear directions on how to use chargers is essential, as well as any telephone numbers to call.

Ensure you have signs on charge points with our 24/7/365 driver support contact number.

This is the standard we adhere to, so drivers have a smooth experience.

Our 24/7/365 UK-based call centre provides full support for:

  • any driver having problems with using chargers,
  • rebooting chargers,
  • answering questions about how payments work,
  • the cost of charging and more.

This is included in all our Stark Charge purchase options.

What customer service and specialist support is available?

Companies deploying workplace charging need support with new assets to manage and new sources of on-site electricity consumption to contend with.

Having a partner who can shoulder this and support you throughout is essential and can make the difference from having a seamless experience versus an unsatisfactory one.

That’s where our specialist teams come in, as well as a dedicate account manager, to ensure you have a smooth transition to electric vehicles for your workplace, fleets and beyond.

Want to improve your EV charging maintenance? Speak to us about switching to Stark Charge

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