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How will you measure Net Zero after MHHS?

Take control with independent energy data.

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) will affect you and how you achieve Net Zero.

It’s the biggest change in the electricity industry for decades.

The aim of MHHS is simple: Make the UK ready for a Net Zero and a renewable-powered future.

However, the risk is losing control over your energy savings and the ability to make correct decisions using accurate data.

With over 40 years of expertise in energy data, we know more than anyone how essential independent energy data is for successfully reaching and measuring Net Zero goals.

And in the most cost-effective way possible

The benefits of MHHS to every business are clear:

Enhance energy management opportunities

More data, faster means more chances to target waste

New incentives to load shift

When you use energy becomes paramount with Half Hourly data the new standard

Improved metering services

Tigher industry data standards means meters must be fixed faster

But with great change comes great disruption.

This change means massive disruption for businesses.

Millions of meters – both commercial and domestic – will start migration to the new MHHS systems in April 2025, with the final deadline of October 2026.

You’ll see all your Non-Half Hourly (NHH) and Traditional meters reconfigured or replaced with Half Hourly (HH) meters.

If you’ve already got HH meters in place, these will all be de-appointed from your chosen data and meter providers.

Here’s what’s at risk:

Loss of data access

All meters will be de-appointed to go into the new MHHS system risking loss of data access to you

Loss of your preferred partners

Choose your providers to protect your independent data beyond MHHS


Know your meter types – advanced, smart, unmetered – to better prepare for meter exchanges & power-downs

More gaps & faults

Some metering agents will not keep up the pace when all meters are HH

Loss of accuracy

No quality-assured data to make the right Net Zero decisions for you

Meet your Net Zero goals beyond MHHS.

We provide the essential continuity of accurate data with full metering services, so you can make the right decisions for Net Zero.

Here’s why we’re different:

We already collect HH data for all our NHH meters – a seamless switchover

We cover every single meter type for MHHS – no meter left behind

We’ll give you best-in-class independent energy data & superb meter service as standard

Choose your independent data and meter partner.

In conclusion, independent energy data is critical to achieving Net Zero for businesses.

It provides the foundation for informed insights to empower you to make the most cost-effective decisions to deliver Net Zero goals.

With Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement about to change how the energy data works forever, it’s time to take control of your data and meter partners and protect your Net Zero future.

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