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MHHS CIT: Where we are and what it means

Our MHHS CIT is already complete.

And honestly, it is just another day in the office for us.

We’re at the heart of the energy data industry, with a seasoned team of experts involved in all sorts of industry and technology changes over the last 40 years.

And we continue to deliver the best-in-class data to our customers.

We’ve already completed Component Integration Testing (CIT), the first phase of the System Integration Testing (SIT), for the following roles:

    • Advanced Data Services (ADS)
    • Smart Data Services (SDS)
    • Metering Services Advanced (MSA)
    • Metering Service Smart (MSS)

    We’ve built up our software systems with our in-house expertise to adapt fast and continue to deliver the best quality energy data whatever the world throws at us.

What does MHHS CIT mean?

CIT stands for Component Integration Testing and is part of the Marketwide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme.

It involves testing a new method of electronic end-to-end communication between all industry participants.

It’s one of five parts of the System Integration Testing (SIT) phase of Elexon’s 18-month programme to get all Data and Meter Service agents like us, ready for taking 30 million Non-Half Hourly domestic and non-domestic meters to Half Hourly Settlement.

Our completion of the CIT demonstrates our ability to build secure connections with the new integration platform.

We’ve already completed MHHS CIT for Data & Metering Services

Our in-house team of software engineers, testers, analysts, project and policy managers have been working diligently to get us MHHS ready.

So when the time comes to switch over to MHHS it’s much easier for you.

We’re confident and ready to go for all the Data and Metering services required by our customers to take through MHHS and continue to receive best-in-class settlement data.

Advanced Data Services (ADS) This is where we’ll continue to directly collect Data from Advanced meters.

Smart Data Services (SDS) We’ll receive all Data from Smart meters and any remaining Traditional meters via the Data Communications Company so you’ll continue to have access to all your energy data in one place.

Metering Services Advanced (MSA) For ongoing support of our meter installation and maintenance service for your Advanced meters.

Metering Service Smart (MSS) And we’ll also provide installation and maintenance services for Smart meters too.

What’s the next after MHHS CIT?

Up next is the “Functional” phase of System Integration Testing (SIT), which runs into 2025.

All participants, including us, are working to the same timescales with stages laid out by the Programme.

We’re confident about your Data continuity.

With Stark Data and Stark Connect we’ve got the people and established processes in place to give you continuity of data excellence through MHHS and beyond.

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