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With the Salix Finance Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) now open for bids, meters should be part of any application.

Salix funding is not just for boiler upgrades. It covers meters and sub-meters too.

Energy savings are built on proper metering and quality data. With properly installed and maintained meters and sub-meters, you can:

  • Gather essential data
  • Set baselines
  • Obtain insights
  • Target investments
  • Evidence of the savings you’ve made

Any Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme bid should include any sub-meters you need so you can achieve all these things with confidence.

If your meters or sub-meters are not maintained, or not installed against the right circuits you are planning to target then you may not be able to capture baselines and monitor changes to satisfy the Salix grant requirements.

You will need to be able to evidence savings to Salix


A major part of the application process is measuring success. So once the investment is made, and the capital project is complete, how do you measure to see what energy and carbon have been saved?

You need to factor in the meters and sub-meters needed to collect data to evidence your new efficiencies.

If you don’t your bids could be at risk or require the investment to be paid back. 

If you’re in a position where you need the sub-metering installed for gas and electricity then consider including it in the application.

We’ve seen our customers win Salix decarbonisation funding just for metering projects.

With the data from it, they are able to establish accurate baselines ahead of major capital works.

And, importantly, prove the savings they predicted to Salix.

I’d strongly recommend the inclusion of Metering in any Salix funding bid to increase chances of success.

Jurjen de Greeve, Head of Sales

Stark energy data analytics make it easy to evidence savings

Metering, including submetering, give organisations many ongoing benefits including:

  • Granular insight into building operations
  • Identify inefficient equipment
  • Track best and worst performers
  • Monitor shutdown processes
  • Set alerts

Stark ID energy analytics platform presents the data in easy-to-use reports for both energy and carbon.

This gives you the proof of success you’ll need, for Salix and your future Net Zero journey.

You don’t just need access to energy data, you also need the highest quality data available. Stark is very reliable to have that level of granularity of the data

Hyder MohammadSustainability Manager & PSDS Bid winner

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