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We’re at The Big Zero Show to help you take control.

See us at The Big Zero Show 2024. 

Data is at the heart of Net Zero.

Without it, we have no idea what impacts our behaviours and efficiencies have.

And we’re in the middle of the biggest changes to electricity data the UK has ever seen: Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).

That’s why we want you to have the tools and knowledge to avoid Data Distress, Meter Mayhem, Settlement blues & Energy Angst during MHHS and beyond.

So your Net Zero Journey stays a smooth one.

Join us on July 2nd

  • Meet us on our stand

Come and chat about how to secure the best data & metering for MHHS and beyond with our friendly team.

  • Sign up for our insights

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  • Watch our Speaker

Our Head of Policy James Murphy will explain how MHHS will impact Net Zero, its benefits, and the actions you must take to stay in control.

Tickets are free

Want to come? Tickets are free, just register for Day 1 on The Big Zero Show website – we’ll be waiting for you at Stand 21.

Can’t make the event?

Sign up for our updates here, including a copy of our Big Zero speaker session.

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