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The Meter Maintenance Problem: How to fix data gaps fast

When data is cut off you need an easy and fast way to work out what’s wrong and how to respond.

If data gaps are not fixed you risk:

  • Estimated supply bills
  • Permanent loss of data and the
  • Time to manually backfill data
  • Increased energy costs & waste

Determining where the issue lies can involve time-consuming processes to understand what has to be done to get it fixed.

This is the meter maintenance problem.

Here we’ll tell you how our innovative development can help solve this.

Data health logo header

Stark ID Data Health has the answer.

Save time and money to get meters back online and reduce the impact of data gaps.

Data Health is a new feature within Stark ID, our online energy analytics platform.

We developed this to give customers faster and easier way to take control of their meters when maintenance is needed.

Data Health in a nutshell:

  • Detailed insights into the issues and the necessary steps to fix them.
  • Dashboard provides an overview of all your meters, split by who the actions are on and utility.
  • Meter Health section allows you to delve deeper into the specific issues and next steps

The best part?

Information is updated every two hours, ensuring you have the most accurate picture of your metering portfolio.

All are available at the click of a button in Stark ID so you can tackle meter maintenance issues and get data online faster.

A proactive approach to meter maintenance

As your Data Collector, we uniquely consolidate multiple data sources, whatever the data source, and translate them into a much more user-friendly summary of actions.

This allows you to review your metering portfolio at the click of a button, enabling you to get a clear picture of all your utility data and agents in one view.

Additionally, the platform offers various view and filter options, making managing your meters faster, easier and streamlined.

With Stark ID Data Health you not only gain full transparency but also insightful expertise and time-saving support in managing your meters.

You don’t just need access to energy data, you also need the highest quality data available.

Head of SustainabilityThe Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

FAQs: Energy meter maintenance with Data Health

How do I access Data Health?

Log in to your Stark ID account and access it in the left-hand navigation menu. If you don’t have access to Stark ID, contact us today.

Does Data Health cost anything?

No, it’s a feature in our Stark ID analytics platform which is free for all our Data customers.

What utilities does Data Health cover?

If the meter is on Stark ID with us as a data collector or data host, it will be available in the Data Health feature.

Why use Data Health?

As a TPI it gives you an easier way to manage large client portfolios and appointments, find manually read meters to target for cost savings. It also allows you to identify MOPs and Suppliers for better appointment management.

Suppliers can also use it to review MOPs performances.

Energy managers, Facility Managers, Building and Site Managers can get a better understanding of keeping data online and implement any site maintenance needed easier and faster.

Ready to try it out?

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