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Find out who are Stark, and what we’re all about. Plus learn about Joel’s view on the business and what the recent changes mean for customers.

Your Energy is Our World

We deliver best in class data metering and networks to help organizations of all sizes get to know their energy better.

We know that having a complete view of your energy is essential for a healthy business and a healthy planet.

Which is why our data powered services solve specific challenges and effortlessly connect to paint the full picture.

Everything starts with data

We can quickly help your business save money and reduce emissions. And because we are data experts, we can handle any utility from any device, any site, and still deliver the highest quality data.

We design and connect new buildings and operate energy networks, helping you shift to greener sources of power.

Armed with great data, we help map your path to net zero future proofing your business and the planet.

We will also install, operate and integrate your EV chargepoints separating this from your building data.

We’re there for your evolving energy journey

We are committed to helping businesses navigate the constantly shifting energy landscape to help you save money and reduce emissions.

By combining the power of data and insight with the reach of infrastructure development, we can simplify your journey to Net Zero and beyond.

Joel, our Executive Chair, puts it like this

The business was so much easier to explain in 2010 because we were Stark Software International Limited, and we did data and analytics. It was kind of neat and easy to put a bow around. Since that time, we’ve launched Stark Utility Funding Limited, acquired Squire Energy – now Stark Works and we’ve acquired WPD Smart metering – now Stark Connect.

We’ve got a whole host of other business units that sit within the company from infrastructure-based businesses to Stark Charge to Stark Zero. This is an incredibly coherent picture, and I think it’s a kind of complementary set of businesses that we’ve built because the mission has never changed.

And these are all just ingredients underpinning our capability or adding something else that we think customers want and trust us to offer. From the network, through the meter, through data, through analytics, through to net zero, we bring that story alive for our customers.

The mission has never changed

Working for a better planet by empowering businesses to reduce energy waste and save costs using best in class data is still the mission.

Our customers deserve partners who can simplify the ever-changing energy market and that’s what we do. Expertly.

Connect with us on your energy journey

We’re active on LinkedIn so why not connect with Joel and follow Stark to share our passion and engage with us directly.

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