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10 different benefits of business EV chargers

Net Zero relies on many factors including a commitment from the private sector to scale up EV charging networks.

Understanding the benefits of business EV chargers is important to help make decisions and contribute to that goal.

So here are 10 benefits of business EV charges, including some you may not have considered.

Business EV chargers benefit the well-being of employees with no home charging

Many people with EVs charge at home.

But what about your employees who have no off-street charging options?  

Supporting employees with EV charging at work provides incentives to come to the office.

As well as helping all staff to transition to greener commuting options.

EV chargers benefit business by attracting customers

Your commitment to a greener future can attract new customers.

Consumers increasingly choose companies with green credentials so access to EV chargers is becoming part of their basic expectation.

EV chargers can help you stand out.

Whether you’re a retailer needing to compete for footfall or a commercial landlord needing to attract tenants.

EV chargers benefit and support the local community

Not all your business chargers have to be for employees only.

With Stark Charge, you can set your chargers to be used for employees during work hours.

Then make them open to the public outside those times.

That means you’re extending local EV charging networks and simultaneously increasing the revenue opportunities from your chargers too.

Use business EV chargers to retain new generations

Another point is that Millennials and Gen Z are keen on green.

They value the environment and also won’t tolerate businesses that do not.

So in order to compete for their custom, these generations expect EV chargers as standard.

In this case using EV chargers as part of your carbon reduction strategy can reinforce your company as the one to work with.

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EV chargers show commitment to improving the environment

Certainly, investing in EV charge points indicates a clear commitment to the environment.

However, more often than not, your sustainability measures can happen behind the scenes.

Such as your Environment Social and Governance (ESG) goals, carbon reduction plans and supply chain improvements.

EV chargers should be part of your plans because they allow you to showcase your commitment.

They are a visible investment in a greener way of working.

EV chargers give you new revenue options, VIP discounts & incentives

Another benefit of EV chargers is being used as a perk for customers. 

Stark Charge lets you control the tariffs you set for drivers. And importantly, you can set the costs for named drivers too.

So if you have membership renewals or VIP accounts, you can use your EV chargers as a new perk.

Or even offer discounted charging rates for a short period.

You can also allow employees to charge for free at the office to help them transfer to EVs. 

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EV chargers can help reduce business mileage costs

It’s cheaper for businesses to pay mileage for EVs than petrol and diesel cars (ICEs, Internal Combustion Engines).

For EV company cars is 9p per mile, much lower than 13p-23p per mile for petrol and diesel. (According to the HMRC Advisory Electricity Rate (AER)).

The AER is reviewed every quarter and calculates mileage prices for both EVs and ICEs.

It rose from 5p to 9p since its introduction in September 2018.

But even with these changes, it’s still well below petrol costs, making EV charging a viable option for mileage payments. 

Business can get ahead of potential high demand on chargers

In 2030, the ban on new petrol and diesel cars means that the number of EVs on the road will continue to grow.

So it’s important to realise that there may be a future rush on demand. 

Having EV chargers on site now could get you ahead of that.

Because it’s possible that as demand increases, supply costs may well go up.

So an investment now may well prove a sensible option. 

EV chargers provide a new revenue stream

Of course, you can charge any driver to use your EV charger.

You may want to offer different rates to different types of users – i.e. employees, VIPs, tenants, public – and you can do that with Stark Charge. 

It’s reasonable to ask people to cover the cost of charging and you can collect the difference as new revenue.

Three different meters for ev charging

Businesses can take advantage of government grants for EV chargers

In order to save on the cost of EV chargers, businesses can apply for various government grants.

These offer huge savings on EV charge points and infrastructure, so considering grants as part of your EV strategy is probably a good idea.

With all the benefits EV chargers give to businesses, plus the various grants available, it’s a great time to plan your EV strategy.

Attracting customers and talent plus opening up new revenue and promotional activities is vital for growth and demonstrating a real commitment to sustainability.

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