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Investing in EV charging at your business has many benefits from supporting your Net Zero targets as well as supporting your staff with easily accessible charging. Here we run through how you could save up to £15,000 on installation with UK EV grants.

What are the EV charging grants available to businesses and workplaces?

There are 2 grants available for anyone looking to add charge points for staff and fleet.

  1. The Workplace Charging Scheme that offers money towards the cost of a charge point socket.
  2. The EV Infrastructure Grant which provides funding towards both the infrastructure and installation of charge points for staff and fleet drivers for small to medium businesses across the UK.

For both, you will need off-street parking to qualify as well as being classed as a SME with less than 250 employees.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme or WCS is a UK government funded grant for businesses looking to install EV charge points to provide charging for staff driving EVs and EV fleets.

It helps to reduce the upfront costs of buying and installing charge points at your location. Unlike the EV Infrastructure Grant – this only contributes towards the cost of the EV charge point hardware.

How much do I save with the WCS grant?

The WCS is a voucher-based scheme and businesses can who qualify can receive £350 per socket for a maximum of 40 sockets across all your sites per applicant. That means you could save a maximum total of £14,000.

How long are the WCS Vouchers valid for?

WCS Vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of the charge points being installed and expired vouchers cannot be redeemed. The OZEV approved installer will make the claim on your behalf and is then amount is reduced on your final invoice.

When is the workplace charging scheme ending?

The government has confirmed that the workplace charging scheme grant will end in March 2024. Learn more here.

How do I apply for the workplace charging scheme?

To apply for the workplace charging scheme simply visit the government website, do remember that you have to claim it within 6 months of the voucher issue date so we’d advise that you have an idea of who your EV charge point installer will be to make sure the timings work so you don’t miss out of savings.

Interested? Speak with our EV Charging Experts about next steps.

The EV Infrastructure Grant

What is the EV Infrastructure Grant and how much can I save?

Any SME that qualifies will receive a grant that covers 75% of the costs for both the electrical infrastructure and charge points installed. That means you can receive:

  • £500 per parking space
  • £350 per socket

So, you can receive a total of £1,100 towards the cost of an EV charging bay (based on a charging bay with dual sockets) but you’ll need to install a minimum of 5 off street EV charging bays.

This is not available for new builds, only existing properties that are retro fitting the charging bays.

There is a limit on the total amount available for the EV Infrastructure Grant.

With the EV Infrastructure Grant businesses can claim up to £15,000 or 20 EV charging bays.

When is the EV infrastructure Grant ending?

This grant has been available since April 2022 and the closing date is also 31st March 2024 so there isn’t much time to benefit from these savings.

You’ll need to act quickly to make sure you qualify and complete the installation before the closing date.

How do I apply for the EV Infrastructure Grant?

The online application for the EV infrastructure Grant is available on the government website. You’ll need to create an OZEV Electric Vehicle ChargePoint Grant account.

The EV Charge Point Grant

What is the EV Charge Point grant and how much can I save?

Designed specifically for electric vehicle charge point sockets, the EV Charge Point Grant offers financial assistance for installation.  

Landlords can receive either £350 or 75% off the cost (whichever is lower) to buy and install a charge point socket.

Each financial year, landlords can receive up to 200 grants for residential properties and 100 grants for commercial properties. Also, grants can be used across multiple properties or installations.

It is possible to use both an infrastructure grant and a charge point grant for the same property.

Who is eligible for the EV Charge Point grant?

Businesses with dedicated off-street parking for staff and fleet vehicles can apply and must be installed for the purpose of allowing employees and fleet drivers to charge their EVs. SME businesses will need to provide supporting evidence on property requirements and show that you are registered at Companies House or at least VAT registered. For more information read the eligibility criteria.

How do I apply for the EV Charge Point Grant?

The online application for the EV Charge Point Grant is available on the government website.


Can I use both the WCS and EV Infrastructure Grant at the same site?

Yes, you can increase the amount of savings you make by making use of both grants on site, however they cannot be used for the same EV charge point socket.

Typically, you will need to apply for the cost towards sockets as part of the EV Infrastructure Grant.

If you then decide to increase the number of sockets at the site later, you’ll be able to apply for the WCS to cover some of the cost of these extra sockets.

But the time available to qualify is limited and all work will still need to be completed before the Workplace Charging Scheme and EV Infrastructure Grants end on 31st March 2024.

Who runs the EV Infrastructure and Workplace Charging Scheme?

OZEV runs both grant schemes but applying for each is slightly different.

After completing an online form you will receive a WCS voucher that an OZEV approved installer can claim once the work has been completed.

For the EV Infrastructure Grant, OZEV will need additional information including a quote from an OZEV approved installer who can then start the work once the application has been approved. Again, the installer will claim the grant on your behalf.

Is Stark an approved OZEV installer?

Yes, Stark Charge is an approved installer and we have worked with several businesses to successfully apply and receive the WCS grant as well as helping you save significant costs using the EV Infrastructure Grant.

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