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With an increasing number of drivers opting for an electric vehicle (EV), businesses must cater to the evolving needs of employees and customers.

This article provides a guide for businesses who are thinking of switching to EVs. Exploring the key concerns you may have and shed light on all the benefits of integrating EV infrastructure in your business.

Everything You Need to Know About EV Chargers for Businesses

Purchase options

When it comes to EV chargers for businesses, the journey begins with understanding your purchase options.

So the decision to buy or lease charging equipment is pivotal.

Ownership provides control, while leasing can alleviate initial costs. Navigating these choices ensures your decision aligns with your financial strategy and long-term vision.

Capital Purchase

Benefit from grant funding and full control over costs to drivers.

Lease Purchase

Benefit from spreading the initial upfront cost and full autonomous flexibility on tariff management.

Fully funded

With no upfront cost and costs to drivers managed by Stark.

Factors such as the type of charger, installation complexity, and electrical infrastructure influence costs.

Generally, these factors can heavily influence the initial outlay but considering government incentives and long-term benefits, it’s an investment in a sustainable future.

Discuss your options with our EV experts.

Funding and installation

As businesses consider the transition to EVs, it’s crucial to know that there is substantial support available. Grants and incentives are designed to encourage EV chargers for businesses.

The three key grants available for workplaces and businesses are the Workplace Charging Scheme, the EV Infrastructure Grant and the EV Charge Point Grant.

Want to learn more about how the grants can benefit you? We have a dedicated blog available here.

Survey and maintenance

An essential part in your EV journey is the survey and maintenance stage. We have summarised this in five key steps below, which details the standard EV journey at Stark.

Benefits of having EV Chargers for Businesses

Installing EV charging points is about more than just meeting the needs of EV owners.

It’s a strategic move that fosters employee satisfaction, attracts eco-conscious customers, and positions your business as a forward-thinking industry player.

We explored the top ten benefits to businesses, including some that may often be overlooked. Check out our blog here.

What does the process entail?

At Stark, we’re committed to guiding you through a seamless journey towards sustainable EV charging solutions. As the only Charge Point Operator that’s also an accredited DCDA, we provide you with the crucial data needed to keep your energy strategies on track.

Want to find out what our customer journey entails? Download the pdf below to find out more.


As EVs continue to gain popularity, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to drive change.

Embracing EV charging points isn’t just about adapting; it’s about becoming a catalyst for a sustainable future.

By incorporating these charging points, your business can lead the journey towards cleaner, more eco-friendly operations.


Can I install a commercial EV charger?

Absolutely. Businesses can install commercial EV chargers, catering to both employees and visitors. This strategic move positions your business as eco-conscious, appealing to customers who prioritise sustainability.

Do you need permission for an EV charger?

Navigating regulations is a crucial step. Generally, you do need permission to install an EV charger, especially for commercial installations. Local regulations and property ownership play a role. We can assist with this to ensure a compliant and smooth process.

Are EV charging stations profitable?

The profitability of EV charging stations can vary widely depending on factors like location, business model, and utilisation rates. Some charging stations can be profitable, while others may require time to break even.

Want to learn more about us?

Visit our Workplace Charging page to learn more about how we can help with EV charging at your workplace.

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